Links and brief descriptions to help you find your way through my short fiction. Enjoy.

A Dog, a Bike, and a Van.  Can Mike find peace on his bike after the dognapping? A possible scene from a possible novel. 4 minute read.

What Is She After?  Six months ago, Hugh investigated her insurance claim. Now she’s hitting on him. What is she after? 7 minute read.

Murder at the Roadhouse. When Luther messed with Junior’s gold-plated dumbbells, he got more than he expected. But Det. Bartkowski complicates the investigation and his life by rushing out and arresting Luther’s wife. 6 minute read.

 Murder at the Roadhouse II. Bartkowski solves the crime, but can he solve Liza’s antipathy? 10 minute read.

Divorce Anthrax Style: The Feather Duster Solution. Forced into a shotgun marriage at an early age, Bart McCracken has the perfect plan to end his marriage of twenty years. 4 minute read.

Little Louie and Ski Mask: Or Don’t Mess with the Screwdriver Kid. Louie gets in trouble with his screwdrivers and other tools. But this time it’s not his fault. 11 minute read.

The Lost Boy. Three-year-old Kyle runs into the woods after his balloon. His mother, Harriet, is drunk and dashes hither and yon in a chaotic effort to find him. 25 minute read.

Screw-You and Marley. Elijah Ebenezer drives a hard, nasty bargain. 4 minute read.

The Weeping Guitar. Guy finds a discarded guitar and plays for the first time in six years. How it changes him. 2 minute read.

The Wall. As he approached with gun in hand, she was waiting for the other guy. 1 minute read.

Dog Day. Does karma come in chocolate? One minute read.

Too Old to Scream: A Scary Story. Marcella wanted to scream, but she knew it had just been a dream. Or had it? 7 minute read.

The Walk Around the Pool: An Experience. What’s it like to be at the pool but not able to see anything? 3 minute read.

Ain’t Over Till It’s Over. An overheard baseball story gives Norm Vander Wall, private investigator, hope that he can pin a forty-year-old murder on his nemesis, Dirty Dutch Vander Molen. 9 minute read.

Chef Nathan and Wicked King Paprika. Will the wicked king’s machinations force Chef Nathan to cook his world-famous Hungarian Goulash for him? 11 minute read.

Escalation. An argument over a discarded fly swatter escalates with unexpected results. 3 minute read.

The Chinese Checkers Murder. Will the Chinese checkers board help P.I. Norm Vander Wall and Detective Sgt. Andre Adams figure out who really killed Peter Dykema? 8 minute read.

Rattlesnake Gulch. A trail-worn cowpoke shows up in Rattlesnake Gulch and turns Rebecca’s world upside down. 6 minute read.

The Arroyo. Rebecca is driving her buckboard down a dry riverbed, her mind occupied by Josiah’s intrusion into her settled life, when life-threatening danger roars. 10 minute read.

Threads of Time. Rebecca’s father, the sheriff, is murdered, and trumped up charges put Josiah in jail for the murder. 6 minute read.

Budding Intellectual: A Vignette. He was two years old and the world was his oyster. 2 minute read.

Banded Together: A Ghost, a Paper Route, and Rubber Bands. A ghost intercepts a high school youth on a dark, winter morning paper route and tells him of a murder. 5 minute read.