Guide to My Stuff

Links and brief descriptions to help you find your way through my short fiction. Enjoy.

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Bowling Alone: Who Does Watching the Super Bowl Hurt?

Dead Fish: Bart and Liza’s Aquarial Adventure. Dead fish at the Child Care Center. Does Bart screw up again by dissing Liza’s education? 6 minute read.

TWK Award Winner: Feuds. Liza, orphaned and widowed, receives a photograph of her grandmother racing a motorcycle. A grandmother she did not know existed, who wants to see her now. Can she forgive her for all the years of neglect? And what about Sheriff Bartkowski, who keeps trying to get her to accept his apologies for the stupid arrest? 15 minute read.

Tape, Tarn, and Trouble. A set of instructions, delivered during dinner, send me and my girlfriend on a hunt for the small, stainless steel casket. Could my quest be nearly finished? 9 minute read

One Grate Task. Challenged to write something involving a cheese grater, our author finds art imitating life, creating existential tension. 4 minute read.

A Shattering Moment. The two bulbs in the dim, trendy bar shattered, leaving us in the dark. Then the voice, from nowhere and everywhere, started telling me what I had to do. 3 minute read.

A Dog, a Bike, and a Van.  Can Mike find peace on his bike after the dognapping? A possible scene from a possible novel. 4 minute read.

What Is She After?  Six months ago, Hugh investigated her insurance claim. Now she’s hitting on him. What is she after? 7 minute read.

Murder at the Roadhouse. When Luther messed with Junior’s gold-plated dumbbells, he got more than he expected. But Det. Bartkowski complicates the investigation—and his life—by rushing out and arresting Luther’s wife. Can he overcome her antipathy? 15 minute read.

Divorce Anthrax Style: The Feather Duster Solution. Forced into a shotgun marriage at an early age, Bart McCracken has the perfect plan to end his marriage of twenty years. 4 minute read.

Little Louie and Ski Mask: Or Don’t Mess with the Screwdriver Kid. Louie gets in trouble with his screwdrivers and other tools. But this time it’s not his fault. 11 minute read.

The Lost Boy. Three-year-old Kyle runs into the woods after his balloon. His mother, Harriet, is drunk and dashes hither and yon in a chaotic effort to find him. Can Harriet recover her loss? 25 minute read.

Screw-You and Marley. Elijah Ebenezer drives a hard, nasty bargain. 4 minute read.

The Weeping Guitar. A derelict finds a discarded guitar and plays for the first time in six years. It changes him. 2 minute read.

The Wall. As he approached with gun in hand, she was waiting for the other guy. 1 minute read.

Dog Day. Does karma come in chocolate? One minute read.

Too Old to Scream: A Scary Story. Marcella wanted to scream, but she knew it had just been a dream. Or had it? 7 minute read.

The Walk Around the Pool: An Experience. What’s it like to be at the pool but not able to see anything? 3 minute read.

Ain’t Over Till It’s Over. An overheard baseball story gives Norm Vander Wall, private investigator, hope that he can pin a forty-year-old murder on his nemesis, Dirty Dutch Vander Molen. 9 minute read.

Chef Nathan and Wicked King Paprika. Will the wicked king’s machinations force Chef Nathan to cook his world-famous Hungarian Goulash for him? 11 minute read.

Escalation. An argument over a discarded fly swatter escalates with unexpected results. 3 minute read.

The Chinese Checkers Murder. Will the Chinese checkers board help P.I. Norm Vander Wall and Detective Sgt. Andre Adams figure out who really killed Peter Dykema? 8 minute read.

Rattlesnake Gulch. A trail-worn cowpoke shows up in Rattlesnake Gulch and turns Rebecca’s world upside down. 6 minute read.

The Arroyo. Rebecca is driving her buckboard down a dry riverbed, her mind occupied by Josiah’s intrusion into her settled life, when life-threatening danger roars. 10 minute read.

Threads of Time. Rebecca’s father, the sheriff, is murdered, and trumped up charges put Josiah in jail for the murder. 6 minute read.

Budding Intellectual: A Vignette. He was two years old and the world was his oyster. 2 minute read.

Banded Together: A Ghost, a Paper Route, and Rubber Bands. A ghost intercepts a high school youth on a dark, winter morning paper route and tells him of a murder. 5 minute read.

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