It took a bunch of years but eventually I realized college teaching wasn’t what I wanted to do when I grew up. Since then I’ve worked at Information Technology and begun writing fiction.

The first volume in my Maasdam Murder and More series will be a “novella in seven movements,” Broken Cocoon. While working on this piece, I’ve also published a bunch of short fiction at medium.com. See the “Guide to My Stories” on the home page of the site you’re on now (www.ericbeversluis.com)

Maasdam signThese are stories about a young woman who creates a cocoon to protect herself from the traumas, the evils of life.

When murder and malice break in, will she succumb to the blackness or will she cope by fighting back, by working to solve the crimes?

  • What the Bedpost Knew

  • Totally TULIP

  • The Dog Who Barked in the Night

  • Bull Rush and Red Wine

  • Encrypted Evidence

  • Mutt and Jeff

  • Not Fair

There are more Maasdam stories in the pipeline, as new crimes and misdemeanors force Marieke and her friends to deal with crime and justice, lust and love, wrong and right.

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