It took a bunch of years but eventually I realized college teaching wasn’t what I wanted to do when I grew up. Since then I’ve worked at Information Technology and begun writing fiction.

The first volume in my Maasdam Murder and More series will be a novella, Broken Cocoon. While working on this piece, I’ve also published a bunch of short fiction at medium.com. See the “Guide to My Stories” on the home page of the site you’re on now (www.ericbeversluis.com)

Maasdam signMarieke (ma-ree-kuh) has built a “safe and secure” life–her friends call it her cocoon. Just avoid the corporate world, organized religion and entangling alliances with men. A series of crimes invade her cocoon, and she has to decide whether to double down on her cocoon or confront and help solve the crimes. Will she be able to choose a risky but fulfilling path?

There are more Maasdam stories in the pipeline, as new crimes and misdemeanors force Marieke and her friends to deal with crime and justice, lust and love, wrong and right.

“The Wetsuit Solution,” featuring Marieke’s West Coast friend and police detective Kat Van Duinen, received an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest Short Story Contest.


A second project is a novel with the working title “Lisa Schwarz: Orphan and Widow.”

“Can Lisa find the father she never knew? Did he murder her mother?

“Lisa Schwarz, an orphan who married at eighteen, lives with her husband and their baby in a small, run-down house, scraping by on what’s left over after Luther’s drinking. She’s shocked and angered when Deputy Sheriff “Bart” Bartkowski arrests her for Luther’s murder, though he later tries to apologize.

New information about her family comes to light and she starts a search for her father. Bart further alienates Lisa when he makes the missing father a suspect in her mother’s unsolved murder.”

The “Lisa” novel will include the short story “Feuds” that won a contest at The Weekly Knob.

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