Review: Preacher Turned Cop

Only The Holy Remain by Alverne Ball

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This thriller takes us to the streets of Chicago that author Alverne Ball knows well. It introduces Detective Frank Calhoun, currently on psychiatric leave. Calhoun, a sometime Navy chaplain and street preacher, receives a call from Fr. Anton Pantone, his former commanding officer when he was attached to a Marine unit in Iraq. When he arrives, he finds Pantone dying.

As Calhoun tries to find his mentor’s killers he must contend with opposition within the PD as the detectives officially assigned to the case strive to thwart his activities.
The story reads well, has great characters, and reaches a convincing and surprising climax.
Ball followed up this novel with Blue Religion, in which Calhoun again struggles against the “blue religion” which binds and constrains police officers.

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