Maasdam Murder & More

Forthcoming–due out soon!

Evie O’Hara, philosophy degree in hand, enjoys a quiet life as a manager in a Maasdam, Ohio supermarket—until she finds Jenny’s body in the walk-in freezer. Shaken but determined, she unravels the crime with help from her friends.

But the crimes continue. John, a local pastor, challenges Evie’s friend Frieda to resist a blackmailer. Phil, the lawyer, must defend a woman accused of arson and murder, as well as a young kitchen worker accused of murdering the assistant chef. Conrad’s murder in the Cleveland Airport carpark puts Evie’s little grey cells to work again. John’s 12-year old son, finding a dying man, calls 911. And Kat, detective in San Lobo, California and Evie’s best friend, investigates the murder of a rapist and the case of a young Marine accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

Join Evie, Phil, John, Kat and their friends as they are challenged to detection and reflection, facing questions about what justice requires versus what the law may require, what’s really right and wrong, and what’s love and what’s lust. Tales of detection and reflection.

What the Bedpost Knew * The Wetsuit Solution * Bull Rush and Red Wine

Totally TULIP * The Dog Who Barked in the Night * Undercover Aftermath

Encrypted Evidence * Mutt and Jeff * Not Fair

Terminal Tenure * A Long Walk off a Short Pier * Semper Fi

Keep on Truckin’ * Two Wrongs? * Burning Passion

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