Where the Heck is Maasdam Ohio?

From Maasdam, Murder & More, forthcoming by Eric Beversluis.Sign up for email notification or to follow me on Twitter.

“About then the doorbell rang. It was a member of the Maasdam police force. “Mrs. Zibikoff? Is Conrad Jakes your son?”
“Yeees,” Sam said. “Is something wrong?”
“I’m sorry to have to inform you that. . . . ”
Knowing what was coming, Sam collapsed into sobs.

* * * * *

Conrad had been found in his car, shot in the head, in the short-term parking ramp at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, about ten miles north of Maasdam. A pistol with silencer, wiped clean of prints and without any identifying marks, had been found nearby. Other than this, the police had no clues. The evening news would carry a request for information—had anyone seen anything in the airport parking garage last night? Of course with fewer and fewer people watching the evening news, and the Plain Dealer no longer doing everyday home delivery, the message would not reach nearly as many people as in the past.”

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